My sole objective in these last days, is to impact the Kingdom of God by yielding a bountiful harvest of souls as the Lord has assigned."

Evangelist Ruby Holland is a native Texan, is lovingly dedicated to her primary call as the mother of two daughters and amorous grandparent, and as well is humbly submitted to the divine mandate on her life to by any and all means be an extension of Christ.

She received Jesus Christ as her Savior and Lord at a very young age, and it was evident at the outset that the call of God was on her life. At eighteen, she was commissioned as an evangelist and has served in full-time ministry for over thirty years. Ruby has been privileged to share her ministry gifts with multiplied thousands on five continents, including Europe, Asia, Africa, and North and South America.

Evangelist Holland is a member of the Greater Community Temple Church of God in Christ in Memphis, Tennessee where she submits to the leadership of Bishop Brandon B. Porter, Sr. who was recently elected to the prestigious General Board of the Church of God in Christ and First Lady Melody G. Porter. Bishop Porter serves as the Presiding Jurisdictional Prelate while Evangelist Holland serves as the Elect Lady of Evangelism. In addition to her ministerial service in the local church, Ruby is an active member of various community organizations.



Evangelist Holland’s educational pursuits include a degree in nursing from Northeast Texas Community College (1986) and a Master’s degree in Theology from Reformed Theological Seminary (2002). She is the founder of Touch the World Ministries, Inc. (1999); a global preaching, teaching and community care outreach, actively accomplishing its mission through workshops, seminars, scholarships, mentorship, and hands-on intervention and prevention ministry initiatives where the heartbeat of the ministry is committed to "finding the need and meeting it; finding the hurt and healing it."

Uniquely gifted to minister the spoken Word, Evang. Holland is also a celebrated psalmist who has recorded with numerous renowned gospel artists. The impact of her soulful delivery of melodic expressions interfaces and defies a medical diagnosis of lung cancer, to which her life responds, “God is Rapha, my healer.” Jackson Music Awards Inc. nominated her for a Mississippi Gospel Music Award in the category, “Album of The Year by a Local Artist" in 2002. In 2003, she established H.Y.P.E. (Holy Youth Praise Explosion) in Jackson, Mississippi.

Evangelist Holland is internationally acclaimed as a prolific speaker with eloquent thematic delivery, captivating vocal artistry and prophetic proficiency. She is a sought-after evangelist and conference itinerate presenter, having been inconspicuously preserved for such a time as this. Her method of delivery is marked by an undeniable release of the unadulterated, uncompromised and undiluted truth of God’s Word. Seasoned in prayer, she flows in a prophetic anointing coupled with the distinctive ability to communicate the Gospel of Jesus Christ with precision and power.

Evangelist Holland’s resolve is to complete the God-ordained assignment of her life by “doing the work of an evangelist and making full proof of the ministry.” Her objective is to touch the world with the transforming power of God’s love, humbly yielding to the impenetrable charge to reach the lost, and to minister life and hope to His people with a prayerful and Christ-centered heart.

Ruby is indeed an “elect lady” of the Gospel, a rare jewel, fashioned by the Master’s touch with the unusual ability to communicate the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ!